7月4日(月)「Aqueous Li-ion Battery: a potential system for stationary power application」講師:シャ ヨンヤオ 教授

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 6月20日から3ヶ月間山木・岡田研究室に滞在される先導研客員教授、シャヨンヤオ 先生の講演会を下記の要領で開催いたします。多数ご参加下さいますよう、ご案内申し上げます。


講 師 : シャ ヨンヤオ 教授 (Department of Chemistry, Institute of New Energy,
                       Fudan University, 中華人民共和国)
演 題 : Aqueous Li-ion Battery: a potential system for stationary power application
日 時 : 平成23年7月4日(月)15:00~17:00
場 所 : 総合研究棟3階301講義室

講演内容 :  Aqueous Lithium-ion battery (LIB) may solve the safety problem of LIB using organic electrolyte, as well as the undesirable cycling life of the commercialized aqueous secondary batteries (Pb acid, Ni-MH), but all reported aqueous LIB systems behaved poor cycling stability. We have extensively studied the cycling ability of many positive and negative electrode materials in aqueous electrolyte, and found that the negative electrodes at discharged stated would react with H2O and O2, which mainly resulted in the capacity fading upon cycling. By eliminating O2, adjusting pH, and using carbon-coated electrode materials or activated carbon. The aqueous LIB offers high safety, low cost, long cycling life and appropriate energy density, and shows potential application for stationary power sources.

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