8月22日(木)「Rheological Characterization of Pitches」講師:Byoung Chul Kim, Professor


現在先導物質化学研究所に外国人特別研究員として来日している韓国漢陽大学のByoung Chul Kim先生をお迎えし、ピッチ物質のレオロジーに関してご講演いただきます。皆さんのご参加よろしくお願いいたします。講演会詳細PDFファイル


題 目 : 「Rheological Characterization of Pitches」
講 師 : Byoung Chul Kim, Professor, Department of Organic & Nano Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea, (
日 時 : 2013年8月22日(木)10:30~11:30
会 場 : 九大先導物質化学研究所、中央111講義室

概 要:
 It is of a recent interest of pitch scientists and engineers to obtain carbon fibers of high-performance and greater specific surface area.
These fibers are largely produced by melt spinning of pitches and electrospinning of the blend of pitch and organic polymer, followed by carbonization (and activation). Because of the extraordinary molecular size and composition of pitches, however, only a limited number of research papers on rheology are available although they have a significant importance in the design of fabrication processes of pitches. The dynamic and steady shear rheological properties of isotropic and anisotropic pitches will be discussed in relation with other physical properties such as liquid-crystalline texture and lattice structure. These preliminary rheological responses may be used as basic data in designing the melt spinning and other fabrication processes of pitches.


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