1月9(金)「Introduction to Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing and Activities in Japan」講師:浦上裕光先生


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日 時 : 1月9(金)17:30-18:20
場 所 : 九州大学筑紫キャンパス・C-Cube 1階 筑紫ホール
講演者 : 浦上 裕光 博士 (Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC Manager)
講演タイトル : 「Introduction to Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing and Activities in Japan」

講演概要 The Royal Society of Chemistry is the world’s leading chemistry community with the mission to advance excellence in the chemical sciences. We are internationally renowned for our publishing activities, publishing a wide range of journals, books, databases and magazines which span the chemical sciences and related areas, with an archive of content back to 1841. An overview of the Royal Society of Chemistry will be presented, with a particular focus on RSC publishing and activities in Japan. This encompasses the organisation’s mission and vision, RSC publishing products, peer-review process, publishing statistics, as well as our current engagement with the Japanese community.  Recent publishing statistics from Japan will be presented in this talk as well. An outline of the STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) publishing landscape will also be given, including the impact of Open Access, Open Data and technological developments on authors and readers. In this rapidly-changing environment, different ways in which scientific results are reported and discovered are opening up and presenting researchers with new and exciting options.


連絡先: 先導物質化学研究所 筑紫地区 尹・宮脇研究室
尹 聖昊、中林 康治