12月19日(水)「Homolytically weak metal-carbon bonds in organic synthesis and controlled radical polymerization」講師:Prof. Rinaldo Poli

Announcement of informal seminar

Prof. Rinaldo Poli (Professor at Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse)
“Homolytically weak metal-carbon bonds in organic synthesis and controlled radical polymerization”.

Date: Dec. 19 (Wed) 17:00~18:30
Venue: Room 111, Central building, IMCE in Chikushi Campus (先導研筑紫地区中央棟111号室)

Prof. Poli is a leading professor who investigate coordination and organometallic chemistry from both experimental and theoretical view-points. His recent concern is mechanisms of metal-catalyzed radical reactions, in particular, controlled radical polymerizations. He planned to visit us in last January for international symposium of base metals, but he could not come because of his father’s sudden death. In his trip to India this month, he decided to stop at Fukuoka on the way back to Toulouse and have a seminar in our institute. The seminar is informal. Please come and join good discussion.


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Hideo Nagashima (ex. 7819)