講演会「Diacetylenes as advanced materials」講師:Prof. Takeshi Ogawa (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)


演 題:「Diacetylenes as advanced materials」

講 師: Prof. Takeshi Ogawa (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)

主 催: 高分子学会九州支部

日 時: 11月16日(火)午後4時より
場 所: 九州大学箱崎キャンパス応化機能1番講義室(3F)


Prof. Takeshi Ogawa,
Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales,
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Diacetylenes are known as unique monomers that undergo solid-state
polymerization to give materials for third order nonlinear optical
applications. However, because of their highly crystalline nature,
their applications are limited due to difficulty in process to thin
films. On the other hand, diacetylenes are compounds which exhibit
many interesting reactions, and there exist various potential
applications as materials for advanced technology. The polymers
which contain diacetylene groups in main or side chains, can easily
be synthesized by the oxidative coupling reactions. It was found
recently that some polymers having polar dyes exhibited extremely
large and stable second order nonlinear optical coefficients, and
they were attributed to their stable polymer chain conformation.
In this lecture, some unique reactions of diacetylene are reviewed,
and various diacetylene-containing polymers for nonlinear optical
applications, are presented.