8月23日(火) ERATO主催講演会 講師:Prof. David Hoagland(UMASS)


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  日 時 : 2011年8月23日(木) 10:00~  参加費無料
  講 師 : Prof. David Hoagland (Dept. of Polymer Science and Engineering Univ. of
                         Massachusetts Amherst)
  題 目 : Polymers and Ionic Liquids:Solutions, Gels, Proteins, and Electron Microscopy
  場 所 : 九州大学 伊都地区 総合学習プラザ1階 1階 工学部第5番教室(101号室)

Abstract: Ionic liquids are salts that melt near or below room temperature; they are essentially liquids
composed entirely of ions. The most unique property of ionic liquids is negligible volatility. Polymers
dissolve in ionic liquids much as in ordinary liquids, although solubility is hard to predict, and several ways
to chemically or physically crosslink polymers in ionic liquids have been reported. We found, for example,
that the tendency of poly(oxyethylene) (PEO) to crystallize leads to reversible thermal gelation of
ethylmethyl imidazolium ethylsulfate, [EMIM][EtSO4]. The same hydrophilic ionic liquid molecularly
dissolves a number of common proteins, and light scattering, FTIR, visible wavelength CD, and US-Vis
adsorption were employed together to determine that the dissolved structure of cytochrome c; this protein is denatured, although there are indications that other proteins retain their native structures in ionic liquid.
Negligible volatility facilitates observation of “wetted” polymer structures by electron microscopy. We
have examined by TEM the nanoscale network structure of the PEO gels described above, and we are now
exploring whether the dynamics of wetted polymer structures (such as those of gels) can be tracked by
direct TEM imaging.

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