2月13日(金)「Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Functional Materials for Energy Conversion」講師:Prof. Cheuk-Lam Ho


薬学研究院のEEPプログラムで招聘されたCheuk-Lam Ho(何卓琳)先生の講演会を以下の通り開催します。
有機化学関係のみならず、有機金属化学、高分子化学、OLED,太陽電池等、材料科学系の研究者の興味を引く内容となっております。皆様の御来場 をお待ちしております。なお、筑紫に終日滞在される予定ですので、討論をご希望の先生方および夜の懇親会ご出席ご希望の先生方は新藤まで今週中に ご連絡いただければ幸いに存じます。


講 師 : Professor Cheuk-Lam Ho (Hong Kong Baptist University)
演 題 : 「Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Functional Materials for Energy Conversion」
日 時 : 2015年2月13日(金)15:30〜17:30
場 所 : 先導物質化学研究所(筑紫地区)南棟112講義室

Since the quality of our life depends to a large extent on the availability of energy, the energy crisis problem will pose a great threat to us for the foreseeable future and energy is and will certainly remain one of the great challenges for the world. It is critically essential to find alternative forms of renewable energy sources. Currently, people are talking about renewable energy in various scientific disciplines around the world and these terms are frequently brought to wide public attention. There is great interest in developing renewable resources and improving the technologies for energy interconversions. The transformations of light into electricity (electrical energy generation in photovoltaic cells) and electricity into light (light generation in light-emitting diodes) are two important interrelated areas that have attracted considerable research interest in recent years. Functional organometallic and organic molecules have become a field of intense activities in the optoelectronic research. They hold great promise for use in energy interconversions. The chemical and physical properties of such functional materials can be easily fine-tuned simply by varying its chemical structures to develop the best materials to fit a particular energy conversion application. This lecture presents a critical perspective of the field, with emphasis on fundamental concepts and current applications.

連絡先:先導物質化学研究所(筑紫地区) 新藤 充  092-583-7802